Tradewinds 2 is the sequel to the game Tradewinds, both created by Sandlot Games. In the game the player is a captain of a ship and must trade or plunder their way to glory. While originally a PC game, it has been ported to a variety of mobile platforms.


The player must initially select between 4 main characters, with an additional 2 choices unlocked upon beating the game.


There are many different types of cargo to buy and sell, which you must then buy when and where it's low, and sell when and where it's high. Using your warehouse to buy stuff at it's minimum and selling later at it's maximum can greatly increase your profits.

For contraband items, it can be useful to save when having these on board, and restarting the game if you get caught. Also note that contraband items will be most expensive during the time they are contraband in a given port, so storing them in your warehouse and selling them once your home port has the contraband on it can yield amazing profits. Since contraband items do not show up in the market, to sell them you must choose the "sell all" option. You will then be given a price, which can be divided by how many you own to find the price offered.

List of cargo
Item Min Price Max Price Contra
Fish 10 90 No Initially Available
Cotton 10 165 No Initially Available
Timber 50 250 No Initially Available
Cocoa 50 550 No Initially Available
Sugar 150 1175 No Initially Available
Arms 1025 3050 No
Textiles 2000 5700 No
Tobacco 3000 7000 Yes
Wine 5000 9500 Yes
Gems 10000 25000 No Can be obtained from defeating pirate-held ports.


All ports have a Governor and Marketplace. Not all ports are available to all characters.

Port Shipyard? Bank? Money Lender? Warehouse? Unlock
Barbados Yes Yes No No
Belize No Yes No No
Caraccas Yes No No Yes
Curacao No Yes No Yes
Freeport Yes Yes Yes No
Great Cayman
Martinique No Yes Yes No
Merida No Yes No No
Nevis Yes No Yes No
Porto Rico
Port Royale Yes Yes No Yes
San Juan Del Norte Yes Yes No No
Santo Domingo No No Yes Yes
St. Thomas Yes Yes No No
Trujillo No Yes Yes No

Ship TypesEdit

Type Hull
Sloop 30 75 6 15 ~30,000
Schooner 60 125 10 10 ~50,000
Brigantine 100 200 15 9 ~100,000
Barque 200 250 20 8 ~250,000
Galleon 250 300 20 7 ~1,000,000
Frigate 300 400 25 6 ~2,000,000
Man-O-War 350 250 30 6 ~2,500,000

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Russell van Gregor
  • Christine McGowan
  • Ignacio Verdugo
  • Adia Azul
  • Sebastian LaRoche
  • Custom Character