Ships are the main form of transport in the Tradewinds series, transporting the player and their cargo to the various ports in the world. The player loses the game if all their ships are destroyed.

Each new game starts the player off with one ship. In Tradewinds and Tradewinds Legends, the player can purchase more ships for their fleet at a shipyard. (Tradewinds 2 lacks this mechanic, limiting the player to only one ship throughout the whole game.)

Cannons can also be purchased at the shipyard and equipped by ships, allowing the ships to fire upon pirates who attack the player. This provides the main form of defence against pirates. Ships are limited in how many cannons are allowed on board at any given time.

Each game features multiple ship classes, or tiers. The lower classes are cheaper to buy and repair and have lower health, cargo capacity and cannon capacity, while the higher classes are correspondingly more capable but much more expensive to buy and repair, hit point for hit point. The player starts the game with the lowest class, and the higher classes will become available to them as the game progresses.

Ship classesEdit

Here are lists of the available ships for each game, roughly in order of availability;

(Note: The price ranges listed were determined by observation and may not be 100% accurate.)

Tradewinds Edit

  1. Junk
  2. One-masted Sloop
  3. Two-masted Sloop
  4. Brigantine
  5. Juggernaut

Tradewinds 2Edit

Ship Class Hull Strength Cargo Space Max Guns Attack Speed Purchase Price
Sloop 30 75 6 15

30,000 ±10,000

Schooner 60 125 10 10 40,000 ±10,000
Brigantine 100 200 15 9 ~100,000
Barque 200 250 20 8 220,000 ±20,000
Galleon 250 300 20 7 ~1,000,000
Frigate 300 400 25 6 2,150,000 ±150,000
Man-O-War 350 250 30 6 ~2,500,000

Tradewinds Legends Edit

Tradewinds Legends feature two different types of ships: Floating ships which are only able to sail over water, and Flying ships which can travel anywhere. The player must own a fleet composed solely of Flying ships in order to travel to the landlocked ports (Afal'anj, Himalai Han and Mahil Hai).

Ship Class Type Hull Strength Cargo Space Max Guns Purchase Price
Dhow Floating 30 75 7 5,000 to 10,000
Junk Floating 60 125 12

13,000 to 21,000

Galley Floating 100 200 15

37,000 to 42,000

Caravel Floating 200 250 17 101,000 to 124,000
Dirigible Flying 100 100 10 101,000 to 124,000
Vimanas Flying 150 400 17 215,000 to 299,000
Dragon Ship Flying 300 300 20 402,000 to 497,000

Special AbilitiesEdit

Ships in the Tradewinds series also have a permanent "quirk" associated with each of them, known in-game as its Special Ability. Special Abilities are always beneficial to the player, though some contribute more to certain roles than others. Special Abilities do not affect the ship's cost.

Below are lists of the Special Abilities that occur in each game, in alphabetical order:


Tradewinds 2Edit

Name Effect
Evasive Maneuvers
Feather Light
Heavy Cannon +30% reload speed
Massive Hull +50% cargo space
Reinforced Oak +20% hull strength
Speed Cannon +20% reload speed
Storage Hull +20% cargo space
Ultimate Compass Storms will never occur

Tradewinds LegendsEdit

Name Effect
Evasive Maneuvers -20% pirate encounter chance
Feather Light Reduces pirate encounter chance, but increases storm encounter chance
Heavy Cannon Increased damage
Massive Hull +50% cargo space
Reinforced Oak +20% hull strength
Storage Hull +20% cargo space
Sure Shot Increased firing accuracy
Tiny Ship Enemy attacks miss more often
Ultimate Compass Reduced chance of storms occurring