Quests are given out by port governments to the player, requesting them to performing certain duties and giving them a reward upon completion. Completion of quests advances the game in Story Mode.

At the start of the game, only the player's home port will give out quests, while the other governments will have to be unlocked by completing quests before they give out quests of their own.

Governments will not hand out any new quests if their previous quest has not been completed yet, but multiple quests from different governments can be undertaken at the same time if the player so wishes.

There is no time limit to completing quests and they can be postponed indefinitely.

Most quests involve performing one or more of the following actions:

  • Sailing to another port to deliver information or items
  • Purchasing x amount of goods from a particular marketplace (or sometimes any marketplace), and delivering them to the person who requested them
  • Searching for someone in a particular port, or a particular type of building in any port
  • Defeating pirates travelling along a particular route between two ports, or in the vicinity of a particular port
  • Besieging a hostile port (The port will be marked by a large red marker on the world map. It is impossible to enter a hostile port without first defeating it.)

Rewards for quests include:

  • A cash bonus
  • An item with a beneficial effect
  • Revealing a new port in the world map, to which the player can now travel to and trade with
  • Unlocking more governments to take quests from