Tradewinds 2 Items Edit

Tradewinds 2 characters can purchase and obtain various items that benefit their abilities.

Name Type Description Cost Frequency of Renewal Special
Nice Guy Joey Person Everybody like Joey! Drinks are on the house! 10,000 10 Weeks Obtained through quest
Ms. Bouvier Person Ms. Bouvier has a way of getting information out of men. While she sails with your crew, the likelihood of useful tips when buying a round of drinks increases by 50%. 10,000 10 Weeks Obtained through quest
Princess Adrienne Person The beautiful Princess Adrienne. Her compassion inspires your crew and increases your combat speed by 2. 10 Weeks
Kristen the Tomboy Person Kristen is such a distraction to other pirates that enemy ships accuracy goes down by ten percent. However, she’ll eat anything in the galley that’s not nailed down, and costs a good deal of money to feed every ten weeks.
Princess Buttercup Person The beautiful (but extremely obnoxious) Princess Buttercup. The Princess is such a distraction that your crew is likely to sail into a storm.
Drunk and Company Persons The Governor’s drunk cousin and his friends. Your crew is often ‘distracted’ and has a high chance of sailing into storms.
The Banker's Daughter Person A beautiful girl who loves the attention of men. Most certain to distract any ship’s crew… and send you into a storm.
Necklace of Swiftness Item 10% increase on ship strength Unique to Russell Van Gregor
Ring of Good Fortune Item 20% increase on bank interest - - Unique to Christine McGowan
Verdugo's Charm Interest on loans is reduced to 5% Unique to Ignacio Verdugo
Azul's Way Half price of drinks at alehouses Unique to Adia Azul
Duke LaRoche's Skull Item Enemy ships fire at 90% of their regular speed Unique to Sebastian LaRoche
Compass Item 20% decreased chance of running into a storm - - Obtained through quest
Rag Doll A useless ragdoll. It has no effect. There are other rag dolls with positive effects.
Rag Doll This ragdoll is a puppet of the Banker. The interest rate on your deposit just increased by 50%.
Rag Doll This ragdoll is a puppet of a sailor. Your cannons now reload 20% faster!
Bartender Doll With this doll, alehouse patrons are twice as likely to give you a useful tip, but drinks are now three times as expensive!
Blind Sailor This sailor doll blinds your enemies! During combat, their accuracy is only 10%.
Stinky Mambo This Stinky Mambo doll doesn’t summon fog… Stinky Mambo summons stink gas to hide your ship from enemies! The likelihood of enemy encounters is now 20%.
Port Authority Ragdoll Because this ragdoll is blind, Port Authorities can never see the contraband that you carry into port. Instead, they become confused whenever you approach them.
Banker's Doll A ragdoll of the banker. Increase your interest rate at banks by 50%, but displeases the moneylender, who will now refuse to loan you money.
Moneylender's Doll The moneylender doll allows you to borrow triple the normal max amount, but will also increase your interest rate by 200%.
Shrink Wand This ragdoll carries a wand that shrinks all your cargo. Your ship’s cargo capacity has now doubled.
Storm Watcher Doll This doll holds a magic mirror that identifies storms. Your chances of encountering a storm drop by 50%.
Battle Doll This doll carries an enchantment that increases your cannon reload time by 30%, but also doubles your chances of battle.
Magic Shield Doll Your ship’s hull strength is increased by twenty percent with this ragdoll.
Amulet of Bacchus This amulet lowers the price of drinks by half and increases the likelihood of good tips by 50%.
Amulet of Clouds Any person foolish enough to accept the Amulet of Clouds is cursed with a high chance of heavy storms whenever sailing.
Amulet of Truth This legendary amulet, created by a long-dead witch doctor in Hayti, forces those nearby to reveal their deepest secrets. It appears to me made of finger bones and owl feathers.
Charm of Space This wonderful charm somehow magically stretches the hull of your ship! Your cargo space capacity is now increased by 20%
Charm of Aim This jewel magically guides the cannonballs that you fire. Your combat accuracy is now increased by ten percent.
Aneert's Charm This magic charm increases your cannon reload speed by 20%. However, the Charm also increases the likelihood of battle by 10%.
Achilles' Ring The speed of the legendary hero fills your blood. Your combat speed is now increased by 30%!
Ring of Friendship The Ring wins you the favor of the Moneylenders and reduces the interest rate you pay by half.
Ring of Good Will Only a true friend of the Bankers can carry the Ring of Good Will. With this ring, your bank interest rate increases by 50%.