Cargo is among the most important aspects of the games. You purchase cargo in crates at the various ports, for variable amount of money per crate; this amount changes with every voyage (1 week). The goal is to buy your cargo at a low price, and to sell it at a higher price, as this would the main way you will earn your money.


Often, certain high priced goods become contraband in different ports. If you enter a port with contraband goods, you will be stopped by a Customs agent. At first, they will seize the cargo almost 100% of the time, but there are various items you can buy that lower this chance, such as the Faker's Crate. Should you successfully enter with contraband, it can then be sold at a ridiculously high price. This is a tactic called Smuggling.

Types of CargoEdit

Tradewinds ClassicEdit

Cargo Low Price High Price Contraband
General Merchandise 3 Gold 260 Gold N/A
Arms 30 Gold 2,600 Gold N/A
Silk 300 Gold 7,600 Gold N/A
Dream Dust 3,000 Gold 26,000 Gold Yes
These are averages. Edit

Tradewinds 2 Edit

Cargo Low Price High Price Contraband
Fish 10 Gold 85 Gold N/A
Cotton 10 Gold 140 Gold N/A
Timber 50 Gold 200 Gold N/A
Cocoa 150 Gold 475 Gold N/A
Sugar 300 Gold 1050 Gold N/A
Arms 1150? Gold 3200 Gold N/A
Textiles 2350 Gold 5750 Gold N/A
Tobacco 3500 Gold 8000 Gold 12000-7000 Gold
Wine 5000? Gold 9000 Gold 12000-18000 Gold
Not sure of all the numbers..Edit

Tradewinds LegendsEdit

Types of Cargo in Tradewinds Legends
Cargo Low Price High Price Contraband
Salt 15-20 Dinari 80 Dinari N/A
Tea 30 Dinari 100 Dinari N/A
Wine 75 Dinari 200 Dinari N/A
Amber 150 Dinari 400 Dinari N/A
Oil 300 Dinari 800 Dinari N/A
Parchment 1000 Dinari 2000 Dinari N/A
Indigo 1500 Dinari 3500 Dinari N/A
Rugs 4500 Dinari 7000 Dinari 10000-14000 Dinari
Gunpowder 6000 Dinari 8500 Dinari 12000-18000 Dinari